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Our Teams

Academic Technology Liaisons

The MU Academic Technology Liaisons are a team of Instructional Designers that extend the ET@MO services across campus. This team was developed in the fall of 2010, at the request of the teaching and learning task force as a way to get instructional design and educational technology support services closer to the faculty. The program is administered by ET@MO using funding from the student information technology fee provided by the Provost. Faculty are appreciative of having the extra support of someone familiar with their culture to assist with learning technologies. The program furthers MU's leadership in innovative teaching and learning, as faculty and departments move towards using meaningful technology for face-to-face, online and hybrid courses offered by MU.

Administrative Team

The administrative team works cooperatively with constituents internally and externally. Major objectives include: fiscal planning and budget operations, marketing and public relations activities, and data management in regard to quality assurance. This team also plays a significant role in campus wide initiatives and collaborations, conference planning and hosting, and award committees.

Instructional Design and Development Team

The Instructional Design and Development team is a resource for all MU instructors. Our services range from consulting to address instructional problems to planning and development of whole courses and programs, regardless of delivery method (e.g., online, hybrid, face-to-face). We also offer professional development opportunities focused on teaching and learning and work with faculty experts in all content areas to create high-quality learning experiences for all MU students.

Learning Technologies Team

The Learning Technologies Team (LTT) bridges the gap between technology and pedagogy, striving to help instructors and students meet their academic goals. In addition, the LTT works in close collaboration with other academic support organizations at Mizzou (e.g., MU Libraries, Division of IT, the Registrar's Office, and Mizzou Online) to further facilitate and enhance instruction.

On a functional level, the LTT is tasked with maintaining and supporting a number of academic systems for: course management (Blackboard & Sakai), electronic portfolios (OSP), lecture capture and multimedia distribution (Tegrity and Kaltura), virtual classroom and collaboration (Collaborate), content management (Equella), and student response (i>clicker) in face-to-face, hybrid, and online courses. Furthermore, the LTT provides expertise and consulting for the exemplar use of supported learning technologies, equipment advice for multimedia learning projects, as well as exploration of emerging technologies for instructional use.

Mizzou Educational Technologies Assistance (META) Team

The META (Mizzou Educational Technologies Assistance) Team provides hands on assistance to MU instructors using campus-supported technologies for teaching and learning. Instructors receive assistance over the phone, through e-mail, and in their own campus office. The META Team consists of graduate and undergraduate students who share a common interest in technology and the personal characteristic of wanting to help others. While on the team, members have tremendous opportunities to develop skills that transcend to any profession. Members learn how to contribute to team dynamics and work independently as well as how to troubleshoot problems and manage priorities.

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