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Teaching with Technology Innovation Fund

The Teaching with Technology Innovation Fund gives instructors access to equipment or software to create effective technology artifacts that enhance their teaching.

Award funds may be used for the following expenses:

  • Hardware (e.g., microphone headset)
  • Software (e.g., screen capture, digital video editor)
  • Specialized equipment used in the creation of digital media artifacts

Award funds may not be used for

  • Release time
  • Faculty salary
  • Wages for the person involved in the project


All regular faculty are eligible to apply; only one proposal per faculty member per year may be submitted. Applicants are strongly encouraged to discuss project ideas and needs ahead of time with Charlie Rigdon, and/or to seek instructional design consultation before developing a proposal. Charlie can be reached at (573) 882-7454. You also can email to if you have additional questions.


  1. For requests less than $100, complete the online application.
  2. For requests greater than $100, complete the online application and the proposal form and mail to Charles Rigdon 131 Heinkel Building.
  3. Approved funds will be transferred to the faculty member's department. The equipment is owned by the department and supported by the department's IT Professional.

Proposed Project Narrative

Proposals must be clear, concise (300 words or less), and suitable for review by colleagues as well as ET@MO staff. Key information to address in your project narrative:

  • Teaching assignment and potential courses impacted
  • Number of students taught annually
  • How this technology project will impact teaching and learning
  • A tentative outline of the project goals, deadlines, deliverables

Innovation fund proposals may be submitted any time of year; whenever the need becomes evident or the faculty has enough time to devote to their project.

Proposal Review and Evaluation
Proposals are evaluated by the Selection Committee through a competitive process. Projects impacting the largest number of students, significantly improving learning outcomes and/or reducing course delivery costs will be given priority. The faculty member will be contacted after the proposal is received to discuss the project and a decision will be made a soon as possible.

Project Period
Generally, work will begin immediately upon approval of the proposal. Projects must be completed during the time period for which they are funded. Additionally, participants in funded projects are obligated to make a presentation on their project results to their department within six months. Funding may be withdrawn from recipients who do not show consistent progress toward project completion.

Additional Terms and Conditions
Due Diligence & Departmental Buy-In: In addition to the online proposal, a signed form must be submitted to ET@MO before a proposal will be considered by the TTIF Selection Committee. The department will be responsible for ensuring ongoing support/maintenance of the hardware and software. The department chair and financial office must also sign the appropriate form before consideration of the proposal and transfer of the Innovation Fund Award to the department for purchasing.

NOTE: Proposals requesting equipment to digitize or redistribute copyrighted materials will not be funded.

Reporting Requirements

Each Innovation Fund Award recipient must submit a final online report upon completion of their project summarizing:

  • Project activities
  • Expected and unexpected results of the project
  • Overall evaluation of the significance of the project

Copyright:All materials produced as part of the Innovation Fund are owned by the Curators of the University of Missouri. All rights reserved. DMCA and other copyright information. An equal opportunity/affirmative action institution.

Intellectual Property: Instructional materials developed as part of this Innovation Fund project will have shared ownership among the faculty, the department, and Educational Technologies at Missouri.

The person developing the instructional materials maintains the rights to use the materials that they developed solely for publication in any format. If the instructional materials were developed collaboratively, then each contributor must provide permission for publication.

The person developing their portion of the instructional materials maintains the intellectual property rights to use the materials for teaching the content or parts of it at other institutions if no longer employed by the University of Missouri.

The department chair will oversee the process for handling requests to purchase or license the instructional materials and will notify each of the shared copyright holders regarding the requests.

The department will be able to offer the instructional materials from this project, even if the developer does not teach it.

University of Missouri online courses are copyrighted by the Board of Curators of the University of Missouri.

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