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TeAchnology Workshop

TeAchnology 2016 has been cancelled. Please check back for details for 2017.

The TeAchnology Workshop is designed to promote and support the application of educational technology and instructional design to teaching and learning at Mizzou. TeAchnology pairs instructors with an instructional designer and educational technologist to assess needs and provide recommendations on design and a range of tools, software, and applications for all levels of instruction. Together, instructors, designers and technologists identify the most efficient and effective ways to update teaching and learning for both instructors and students.


The TeAchnology Workshop is not a "one size fits all" experience. Each participant designs a custom tailored solution to meet their unique course challenges. During this workshop participants will:

  • Pair with an instructional designer and educational technologist when applicable
  • Develop pedagogically sound methods and strategies for incorporating educational technology into teaching
  • Transfer teaching techniques and materials from the traditional classroom environment to a technology environment
  • Explore educational technology tools in a fully supported, hands-on learning environment
  • Create rich, learner-centered environments that integrate instruction, research and outreach


At the close of the workshop participants will receive a certificate of completion and a $300 incentive for completing the program. An additional $300 incentive is available for participants who present their project to their department colleagues within the academic year. TeAchnology participants are encouraged to help the program flourish by participating in subsequent workshops and demonstrations.

Who can attend TeAchnology?

All Mizzou instructors are welcome to apply. Applicants are selected according to the following criteria:

  1. Applicant's primary appointment is teaching
  2. Applicant's identified project and goals fit with TeAchnology's objectives
  3. Applicant's project has clear purpose and plan for the week
  4. The group of selected faculty represent a diversity of projects and disciplines

Time & Location

TeAchnology meets daily for one week at the Heinkel Building. Specific times are not confirmed but participants should be available from 8:30 am - 3:00 pm each day. Lunch will be provided.

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