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Curricular Planning Consultations

Online courses require significant up-front effort. For a whole host of reasons, most online course content should be developed prior to a course's start date. Planning ahead and providing, on average, 4-6 months for an instructor to develop content for an online course is recommended. Finalizing faculty assignments and planning departmental resource allocation in advance also helps encourage "buy-in" and a sense of ownership from support staff, teaching assistants, and instructors.

ET@MO offers a variety of support services from course planning to Blackboard training and support. The Instructional Design and Development Team and Academic Technology Liaisons work one-on-one with instructors to plan online courses, interaction strategies, and develop online assignments. The Learning Technologies Team supports Blackboard in addition to other educational technologies. The META Team offers one-on-one office visits to assist in using educational technologies in addition to some multimedia development services.

Arrange a consultation with us if you need assistance with your department's technology efforts. If you are planning a fully online program for distance students, please contact Mizzou Online.

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