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Syllabus Review

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Our sample syllabus is available for you to download, use, and even pillage.

Tips on Syllabus Design

  • Take the time beforehand to explain your expectations. Use your syllabus to describe student roles, instructor responsibilities, and the community nature of the course.
  • Align unit objectives with your course outcomes. Although a syllabus (almost) always contains stated goals or desired outcomes for the whole course, you shouldn’t forget to include discrete, measurable objectives for each unit. How will course readings, lectures, videos, and activities enhance student learning and accomplish your goals
  • Align your assessments and interactions with unit objectives. Course goals, instructional objectives, assessments, and interactions should align. Use a variety of approaches, like class discussions, group case studies, individual reading quizzes, and peer-reviewed research papers. Providing a well-rounded experience for students will enhance their learning and help you better gauge their comprehension.

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