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Announcing ET@MO's 2011-2012 Brown Bag Series

The 2011-2012 Brown Bag series features conversations with Mizzou's eMentors, encore sessions from our TeAchnology! Conference, as well as demonstrations, trainings and showcases. Printed calendar booklets are available at ET@MO and at each session. Attendees can detach a ticket from their booklet to submit for a prize drawing at the Celebration of Teaching in May.

Reminders for Fall Term Online!

Nearing the beginning of a new semester, we like to highlight a few simple reminders to help start the semester off with a bang. We’ve posted our complete list of reminders for your consideration. ET@MO staff is available to review course documents such as your syllabus, your Blackboard site, and other course materials if you’d like additional feedback in these final weeks before the fall term begins. Mizzou students will be loaded into Blackboard for the regular fall term starting Monday, August 15; classes start Monday, August 22. Please contact the Instructional Design Team if you have questions.

Custom Guide to Teaching with Technology at Mizzou

ET@MO provides a free Instructor Guide to Teaching and Learning with Technology on its web site. From course planning to implementation, this guide is full of pedagogical design issues; tips on planning, developing, and writing course content; as well as planning and facilitating online interaction. The Faculty Guide is one of many resources in ET@MO's Teaching Toolbox and new eLearning web site and goes well with a one-on-one course planning session with our staff of educators and technology professionals.

7 Things You Should Know About Personalized Digital Magazines

Applications like Flipboard, Zite, RSS5000, and Taptu aggregate content from personal social media networks and other sources, presenting the information in a snappy magazine-style format complete with headlines, images, column formatting, and multimedia. Users set up sections, like those in a newspaper, and each section provides content from Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, or other social media account or pulls data from an RSS feed or a website. As students contribute their own text, photos, videos, and related links to the network, the emerging content can engage classmates and encourage participation in the conversation. These products change who has control of content and raise new questions about copyright. Although implementation of these products in academic settings remains in the early stages, we can expect similar content-delivery products on smart phones and laptops. Download the PDF of this full article. This information is provided by the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative's (ELI's) 7 Things You Should Know About… series which provides concise information on emerging learning technologies and related practices.


51st Faculty Writing Intensive Workshop
The Campus Writing Program is now accepting registration for the WI Workshop on August 15-16 in Reynolds Alumni Center. This workshop is designed to help prospective Writing Intensive Faculty learn to promote critical thinking through writing, design effective writing assignments, and provide feedback that balances content and mechanics. Register online no later than August 8th.


Missouri Law: Teachers and Students Can't Be Facebook Friends
Missouri has became the first in the nation to prohibit social networking between students (age 18 and younger) and teachers. Missouri Senate Bill 54 takes effect on August 28.


Sales tax holiday coming this weekend
The Tax holiday is August 5 -7, 2011. You can save the state sales tax (4.225%) on computers, computer equipment, school supplies, and clothing bought in the state of Missouri. You will, however, have to pay local taxes (3.125%).